FC Financial Services was founded in 1990 under the leadership of Jim Wallisch. We service clients locally and throughout the country, as well as with a vast range of financial needs. We've built our business to address the unique needs of our diverse clientele, and with the mindset that each and every client deserves our full attention. We understand that each client has different financial objectives, so we deliver customized investment strategies that keeps in mind short and long-term goals, cash flow needs, tax situation, and risk management.

In 2020, we began offering our services under the umbrella of LPL Financial. This change has allowed us to rebrand our business without causing any disturbances to how we service our clients. Although the switch has led us to operate under a new name, the friendly staff and location has remained the same

It is our mission to treat our clients as family... because, well... we are run by family. Contact us to let us know how we can best serve you!